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28th April 17

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We are a Values Based School

In January 2016, we decided as a school to become a Values Based School. Like increasing numbers of schools across the country, we felt the need to reassess our approach to learning and introduce a values-based approach not only into the curriculum but also into every aspect of daily school life. To this end we consulted with the whole of our school community and chose 22 values which are rooted in fundamental British Values of Democracy, The rule of law, Individual liberty, Mutual respect and Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

We began our first value ‘Happiness’ in April 2016 and are hoping to see our children develop concepts such as fairness, respect, honesty, courage and compassion and apply these to their own behavioural choices as well as develop their emotional intelligence to become thoughtful, reflective individuals who persevere at all tasks.

This is our cycle of values- (We will add photographs as we go through our values)

April 2016 – Happiness


May 2016 – Honesty

June 2016 - Thoughtfulness

July 2016 - Confidence

September 2016 – Friendship

October 2016 – Patience

November 2016 – Perseverence

December 2016 – Love

January 2017 – Fairness

February 2017 – Tolerance

March 2017 – Trust

April 2017 – Caring

May 2017 – Responsibility

June 2017 – Understanding

July 2017 – Positivity

September 2017 – Independence

October 2017 - Co-operation

November 2017 – Respect

December 2017 – Peace

January 2018 – Appreciation

February 2018 – Courage

March 2018 - Compassion