Vision Statement

"Be Caring, Be Happy. Always Do Your Best."
Our school rules are; "Be ready. Be respectful. Be safe."

Our practices ensure equality for all and we encourage a positive self image, respect for others and a caring attitude towards the environment and all living things.

Throughout each child’s time at Croftlands Infant & Nursery School it is our aim that he or she will develop socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and morally. 

We plan for each child’s needs based on our knowledge and understanding of their development.

Full-time Nursery Care is available in our "Little Wagtails" from 7.30am to 6pm." Except on Friday we close at 3pm.

We have and wraparound care available in our Breakfast Club and After School Club, 8am - 5pm. We do not have After School Club on Fridays.

Why not come and visit us to see what we have to offer? Please call 01229 586565 to make an appointment.


  • To set and maintain the highest standards of achievement for all children.
  • To help children to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in a fast changing world.
  • To provide a happy and secure learning environment, fostering self esteem, respect, care and consideration for others and a sense of belonging and pride in the school and the community around them.
  • To develop a curiosity and eagerness to learn, meeting the individual needs of each child and giving all children an equal opportunity to develop to the best of their ability.
  • To work in partnership with children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community providing strong effective leadership and motivation working together to provide the best possible education for all our children.
  • To foster in the children a desire to make a positive contribution to the community in which they live.
  • To value creativity, individuality and initiative in a culture of praise and encouragement.
  • To create an environment where children can learn to be healthy and promote the long term development of healthy lifestyles.
Our children work together and share ideas and think about ourselves and others. Each month we think about a different value.

Our values for the coming term are;

September 2023 Independence

October 2023 Cooperation

November 2023 Respect

December 2023 Peace

If you would like to see our school values please click the link;

Croftland Infant & Nursery Values